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The data is clear. The future of marketing is in film and video. In fact, even today, a quick Google search will quickly reveal detailed statistics gathered from global video marketing campaigns providing a glimpse into the psyche of the viewer – your next potential client! Some survey’s hint at video being up to 6 times more effective sales technique than print or direct mail combined. But, video marketing is a complex beast. How will you create and use your video? How will you engage your crowd and retain their attention for the entire duration of your video. Indeed, how long should your video be? They say, you have 10 seconds in which to capture and engage your audience. Failure to achieve this will often render the remainder of your video nothing more than archival footage. This is where we come in. We take you by the hand and walk you through the process....

Our approach to film production is a bit like baking a cake.

  • Brief - let’s decide if it’s going to be a chocolate, lemon or carrot cake;
  • Pre-production – weighing up and getting the ingredients ready
  • Production – the fun bit! Let’s roll those sleeves up and throw it all together, before getting it into the oven
  • Post-Production – the creative bit – decoration. Make it pleasing on the eye.
  • Maybe a cherry on top for good measure.
  • Delivery – We box it up and hand deliver direct to your door.

We help connect our clients engage their audience using a unique cinematic storytelling approach. Developments in film technology now mean that we are able to produce stunning high quality visuals without having to break the bank. We are able to provide films anywhere between Full HD (1080p) to 4k resolutions to suit your desired output. We use drone cameras for stunning stunning aerial footage, a full 18ft production crane for live events and a Gimble/SteadyCam (professional camera stabilization rig) to give that high budget feel to our productions.

We don’t compromise on audio either – with a variety of options available depending on the production. Boom and wireless lapel mic’s for interview style filming, as well as shot gun mic’s when on the go. For live events, such as conferences or symposiums at larger venues (such as the Birmingham NEC) we have the capability to incorporate our audio mixer to the available PA system.

The work we do includes, corporate videos, case studies, advertising and commercials, product guides, presentation films, live event filming. We look forward to working on your next film and video project.

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